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Altieri Woodwind Bags: Order Form

Order Codes:
M Measurements, Make, Model needed—follow the guide for your instrument/case
S Make and Model of the instrument and/or case needed
M/T Measurements, Make, Model and TRACING required. For a successful TRACING, mark balance point, measure depth at various points, add hinges and handle(s) to the trace, and identify top and bottom. Please check with us first—we may have your pattern in stock.
casecovers are available in three styles

Use this form to order Altieri Woodwind Casecovers, Gigbags, and Accessories. More information on available models can be found on specific product pages: bassoon, clarinet, flute, oboe/english horn, saxophone, and woodwind accessories.

This form is an efficient way for you to send us your order information. First, select the product(s) from the listing on this page, and then provide measurements if required. Next, enter your personal information and how you want to pay. Confirm your order and submit it. That's all there is to it!

Many woodwind cases requires measurements or tracing to assure a good fit. If your selected product requires measurements, you should use our measurement guide (on this page) to determine how to order your product. If you need to trace your case or instrument, you will need to send us that tracing by mail; however, we strongly recommend that you email us - as we have many instrument and case patterns in stock.

If you prefer, you can email your order to us at; also, you can print out this page and mail it to us. However you get us your order, we will be in touch if we have any questions, and you will not be charged until your order is ready for shipping.

Care and Cleaning

Woodwind covers can be washed in cold water, gentle cycle and air dry.

Backpack Style Case Cover with front pocket, shoulder strap and handles

  Code # Description Price
 20sClarinet Bag—Single Case Backpack$120
M20dClarinet Bag—Double/Triple Case Backpack$140
M20bBass Clarinet Case cover Backpack$170
 21Flute / Piccolo Combo Backpack$125
 21L Flute / Piccolo Combo—1″ Longer Backpack$130
M21aAlto / Flute / Piccolo Combo (length of alto required)$135
M21alAlto / Flute / Pic Long—2” longer than standard alto Backpack$140
  21bSee 71B 
 22Oboe and Music Combo Backpack$120
 23English Horn / Oboe Combo BP(Loree Double Case)$130
M23sEnglish Horn / Oboe Combo BP (all other brands)$135
M24Bassoon Case cover Backpack$165
M18cAlto Sax Case cover—Oblong Backpack$150
M19cTenor Sax Case cover BP —Oblong w/ cart sleeve$165
M55cBaritone Sax Case cover bp—Oblong BP$190
S80bpAlto Sax Shaped Flight Cover BP$160
S81bpTenor Sax Shaped Flight Cover BP$175
S82bpBaritone Sax Shaped Flight Cover w/ sleeve BP$210

Deluxe Style Casecover with pockets both sides, tuck-away backpack straps, padded handles and shoulder strap

  Code # Description Price
 70sClarinet Bag—Single Case$140
M70dClarinet Bag—Double/Triple Case$160
M70bBass Clarinet Case cover$185
 71Flute / Piccolo Combo$140
 71LFlute / Piccolo Combo—1″ longer$145
M71aAlto / Flute / Piccolo Combo (length of alto required)$150
M71alAlto / Flute / Piccolo Combo—2″ longer than standard alto$155
 71acAlto / Flute / Piccolo Combo—COMPACT$140
M71bstBass / Alto / Flute / Piccolo Combo—Backpack (23–26″)$200
M71blgBass / Alto / Flute / Piccolo Combo—Backpack (27–33″)$200
 71bc/sBass / Flute COMPACT Combo (23–26″)$155
 71bc/lgBass / Flute / Piccolo COMPACT Combo (27–33″)$155
 71cFlute / Piccolo COMPACT$130
 72Oboe and Music$135
 73English Horn / Oboe Combo (Loree Double Case)$145
M73sEnglish Horn / Oboe Combo (all other brands)$150
M74Bassoon Case cover$180
S80luxAlto Sax Shaped Flight Cover BP$190
S81luxTenor Sax Shaped Flight Cover BP$205
M17eSoprano Sax Case cover—Oblong$155
M18eAlto Sax Case cover—Oblong$165
M19eTenor Sax Casecover–Oblong$195

Padded Gigbags for Woodwinds
(carry instrument without hardcase)

  Code # Description Price
 50aBassoon Gig bag—Deluxe Style for Oval Shape$300
 50bBassoon Gig bag—Deluxe Style for Gentleman Bassoon$300
M/T52Contrabassoon Gig bag—Backpack$310
M56sopSoprano Sax Case cover—Oblong BP$130
 76aClarinet Gig bag—for A$240
 76BbClarinet Gig bag—for Bb$240
 76a/bbClarinet Gig bag—for A/Bb$275
 76AltoClarinet Gig bag—for Alto$260
 76Alto/BClarinet Gig bag—for Alto and Bb$290
 76eBass Clarinet Gig bag—LOW E-Deluxe$300
 76cBass Clarinet Gigbag—LOW C-Deluxe$310
M/T76cbcContra Bass Clarinet Gig bag (measurements & tracing required)$325
M78bfBass Flute Gig bag (measurements & tracing required)$330
M78cbfContra Bass Flute Gig bag (measurements required)$350
 18aAlto Saxophone Gig bag—Backpack$170
 18bAlto Saxophone Gigb ag—Double Pocket$170
 18luxAlto Saxophone Gig bag—Deluxe$190
 19aTenor Saxophone Gig bag—Backpack$200
 19bTenor Saxophone Gig bag—Double Pocket$200
 19LuxTenor Saxophone Gig bag—Deluxe$220
 55bp-aBaritone Sax Gig bag—Backpack with sleeve—LOW A$245
 55bp-bBaritone Sax Gig bag—Backpack with sleeve—LOW B$245
 55dp-aBaritone Sax Gig bag—Double Pocket—LOW A$245
 55dp-bBaritone Sax Gig bag—Double Pocket—LOW B$245
M55bassBass Saxophone Gig bag (measurements required)$310
 56sSoprano Sax Gig bag—Straight$140
 56cSoprano Sax Gig bag—Curved$140
 100gigFlutes and Laptop Gig bag$190
 101gigAlto / Flutes and Laptop Gig bag$200
 102SgigSingle / Single/Small Double Clarinet and Laptop Gig Bag Deluxe$200
 102LgigSingle / Double Clarinet and Laptop Gig Bag Delux$210
 103gigOboe and Laptop Gig bag$190
 104gigOboe / English Horn and Laptop Gig bag$200

Double Pocket Style Case cover with pockets both sides, shoulder strap and handles

  Code # Description Price
 27sClarinet Bag—Single Case$120
M27dClarinet Bag—Double/Triple Case$140
M27bBass Clarinet Case cover$170
 28Flute / Piccolo Combo Bag$125
 28LFlute / Piccolo Combo—1″ Longer$130
M28aAlto / Flute / Piccolo Combo (length of alto required)$135
M28alAlto / Flute / Piccolo Combo—2″ longer than standard alto$140
M28b/sBass / Alto / Flute / Piccolo Combo, with sleeve for cart (23″–26″)$175
M28b/lgBass / Alto / Flute / Piccolo Combo, with sleeve for cart (27″–33″)$180
 29Flute / Piccolo Double Case cover$85
 29LFlute / Piccolo Double Case cover-1″ longer$85
 30Oboe and Music Combo$120
 31English Horn / Oboe Combo (Loree Double Case)$130
M31sEnglish Horn / Oboe Combo (all other brands)$135
M42Bassoon Case cover$165
M18dAlto Sax Case cover—Oblong$150
M19dTenor Sax Case cover—Oblong$165
M55dBaritone Sax Case cover—Oblong$190
M56sopSoprano Sax Case cover—Oblong DP$130
S80dpAlto Sax Shaped Flight Cover$160
S81dpTenor Sax Shaped Flight Cover$175
S82dpBaritone Sax Shaped Flight Cover$210

Fitted Casecovers Insulated and fitted covers for woodwinds

  Code # Description Price
 90bB Foot Flute cover with strap and pocket—FRENCH$55
 90bstB Foot Flute cover with strap and pocket—STUDENT$55
 90cC Foot Flute cover with strap and pocket—FRENCH$55
 90cstC Foot Flute cover with strap and pocket—STUDENT $55
 91bB Foot Flute with pocket (NO strap)—FRENCH$50
 91bstB Foot Flute with pocket (NO strap)—STUDENT$50
 91cC Foot Flute with pocket (NO strap)—FRENCH$50
 91cstC Foot Flute with pocket (NO strap)—STUDENT$50
 92Piccolo Flute cover with pocket—FRENCH$45
 92st/tPiccolo Flute with pocket in tapestry—STUDENT$45
 92st/tPiccolo Flute with pocket in tapestry—YAMAHA$45
M28cAlto Flute with pocket and strap$110
M28dBass Flute with pocket and strap$150
M30ftOboe with pocket and strap$85
M31ftEnglish Horn Fitted with pocket and strap$105
M27ftClarinet with pocket and strap$85
M70ftClarinet with pocket and strap$120

Cozies and Accessories

  Code # Description Price
 110fFlute B or C Cozy$25
 110asAlto Flute Cozy—Straight $35
 110acAlto Flute Cozy—Curved$35
 110pPiccolo Flute Cozy$20
 110bsBass Flute Cozy$50
 110clClarinet Cozy$30
 110obOboe Cozy$25
 110ehEnglish Horn Cozy$35
 40bMusic Briefcase / Conductor’s Bag$50
 40dMusic Briefcase / Conductor’s Bag—Deluxe$75
 40irtBriefcase Accessory Insert$25
 41Accessory Handbag (great for method books)$50
 45wWoodwind / Music / Messenger Bag$140
 18neckSaxophone Neck Pouch$30


Color Selection
Select a Color or Pattern, if desired. Black is standard, all other fabric is a $15 additional cost.
Please note: the whole outside of the bag is made in your COLOR choice. TAPESTRY and FUR are applied to the pocket only. You can also combine a color with a tapestry and/or fur - the fee is $15 per additional choice. For example, a new color and tapestry is then $30 extra. Click on a color or pattern to view a bigger swatch. (Sample colors may look different from actual if your monitor has not been calibrated.)

Select a Color and/or Pattern from the following list:

COLORS burgundy
chocolate brown
forest green
charcoal grey
lime green
navy blue
light pink
light pink
neon pink
neon pink
royal blue
royal blue
teal blue
PATTERNS bedrock

flower power
flower power
FAUX FUR cow hide
cow hide
black giraffe
black giraffe
brown giraffe
brown giraffe
pink leopard
pink leopard
red leopard
red leopard

Measurements (if necessary)
For Rectangular Cases

If you are ordering a rectangular casecover requiring measurements, you can submit your dimensions by using this form. Use the following guide to provide us your measurements:

For all dimensions, please specify inches or centimeters.

  1. Length of Case
  2. Width of Case
  3. Depth of Case
  4. For Bassoonists only: is the top of the case to the right or left of the center handle?

   * if you have an unusual case, please send pictures and measurements by email.

Measurements (if necessary)
For Shaped Cases and Instruments

To order a casecover or gigbag for shaped cases and instruments, we need to have a tracing mailed to us if we don't have your case pattern in stock. Here is how to provide us your measurements:

  1. Measure the Depth of your case at the edge
  2. Measure the Depth of your case at the center, if different from sides
  3. Trace your case or instrument on a large sheet of paper*
  4. Identify the location of any handles, knobs, or hinges on the paper drawing
  5. For Gigbag, mark balance point for handles
  6. For Gigbag, indicate top and bottom of instrument on your tracing.


*Before you trace your case, please give us a call to find out if we have your case pattern in stock. It's very possible we can save you the trouble of tracing your case!

Personal Information (bold fields are required)

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Order Confirmation
Please help us by providing the following information regarding your order. We will confirm your order with you, including all charges, prior to shipping.

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Bag #(s):
Bag Price(s):
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Shipping Information

Delivery - Allow 3-6 weeks delivery time

When possible, we ship UPS within the United States, and USPS to Europe, Asia, and South America.

Shipping within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii:

  • $18.00 per item
  • $25.00 for each Tenor/Baritone Sax, Contrabassoon or Bass Clarinet Gig Bags

Shipping to Canada and Mexico:

  • $40.00 per item
  • $50.00 for each Tenor/Baritone Sax, Contrabassoon and Bass Clarinet Gig Bags

Europe and Asia

  • $50.00 airmail per item
  • $65.00 airmail for Tenor/Baritone Sax, Contrabassoon and Bass Clarinet Gig Bags
Regarding Shipping Costs: We do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible; for instance, sometimes we can ship multiple items in a single box. Charges listed are the maximum you will be charged for shipping.
Payment Information
Note: your credit card will not be charged until we ship your order. Check or Money Order payments must be received before we ship your order. We accept only U.S. currency, and checks from outside the USA must be drawn on a U.S. bank.
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